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Training a dog is the best way to ensure good behaviors and to get the most enjoyment out of your pet. To quote Cesar Milan, "I believe a calm dog is a happy, obedient dog that won't get into trouble." A recent study conducted by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP) showed that 96% of dogs turned over to shelters are given up because of bad behaviors. In order for us to get our pets to that calm state we need to work with them and set rules and boundaries. As pack animals, they look to us as pack leaders. Anyone can teach a dog to sit, however it takes a dedicated and patient person to teach a dog to behave.

4 Week Courses

These courses are designed to go through a particular set of skills. Each level builds progressively on a foundation for good behavior. Classes are typically one session per week. Depending on individual situations the session may either be conducted at client's home or at TC&C facility. Curriculum order can be altered based on the needs of the dog.        


For dogs 9 weeks to 5 months, this course covers basic obedience. Your dog will learn sit, down, stay, loose-leash-walk, and many others. Potty training and crate training are a weekly focus during this course. Puppy class will instill good behaviors and eliminate bad ones before they begin. You will learn how to communicate with your dog and set routines to make everyone happy and mentally healthy.


For dogs 5 months and older. Same basic training as Puppy  class, however less focus on potty training, based on age, and more on curbing bad behaviors.


For dogs 5 months and older with Puppy/Beginner  knowledge. Working on the foundation of the basic training, this class works on Distance, Distraction, and Duration. Your dog will learn heel, increased stay, place, and more. Reliability in different situations is gained with this course.


For dogs 5 months and older with Intermediate knowledge. Advanced will train your dog to do anything you want him to do anywhere you are at any time.  Advanced  also prepares you to take the AKC® Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) test. This test proves your dog can be well behaved in any situation and a trusted member of the public. It also can be added to an AKC® registered dog's title. AKC® CGC® is also required for most therapy groups.  

Behavior Modification

Who needs this class?

Does your dog have specific areas of bad behavior that needs to be addressed? Aggression issues? Lack of focus? Socialization avoidance? A private, class-by-class set up may be exactly what he needs.

What does this class do?

Behavior modification is completely customized, working on skills that will focus on eliminating these bad behavior issues. You will learn how to use positive reinforcement for good behaviors and correction through leash and collar for bad behaviors. Depending on the issues to be addressed, your dog will be exposed to situations that lead to the behavior and then worked through it.

What does this class require?

You must be willing to do whatever it takes to correct or reward and work your dog through his training. Daily personal sessions using skills learned from class time is key to create a habit for good behaviors. You must be willing to put him in different situations i.e. group sessions, dog parks, public buildings allowing pets, and public events allowing pets.

Board & Train

Basic Board & Train*

Basic B&T involves leaving your dog at TC&C facility for a duration of 30 days. During this time your dog will have a minimum of 2 training sessions per day, and daily pack walks to instill natural canine instincts. Training will build off of any previously learned skills. Immediate response to commands and proper socialization is the primary focus.  

Behavior Modification Board & Train*

Behavior Modification B&T is targeted at dogs  with major issues that need concentrated training i.e. aggression, socialization issues. Behavior Mod. B&T involves leaving your dog at TC&C facility for a duration of 30 days. Minimum of 2 training sessions per day, daily pack walks, and exposure to public situations.

Board & Train Requirements 

Dogs are required to be 1 YEAR OR OLDER. For pet's and staff's personal safety dogs must be fully vaccinated (Rabies, Parvo Distemper, Bordetella). Owner will provide food so as to avoid digestive issues. At discharge and 1 week following, the owner will undergo 2 training classes to ensure they understand skills learned and how to continue training. Follow-up calls will be included and additional training will be discounted.   

* B&T does NOT guarantee exhibit of skills performed for owner. Owner MUST continue to use skills learned daily to reinforce behaviors learned during B&T.


*Prices are subject to change based on location of sessions.

5m & up

Specific issues

min. contract 3 sessions

Behavior Modification

$75* per session

Basic B&T


1 year & up

Basic Obedience training

30 day board

Private Class

Any of the class descriptions based on training level. Performed in home or at another disclosed location.


Behavior Mod. B&T 

1 year & up

Behavior Mod. training

30 day board


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