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About us

 What creates that special bond between a pet and his parent? What defines a pet's life? God made us, as humans, the protectors and caretakers for his wonderful creations. We have a very important job. Pets bring such joy and love into our lives, so shouldn't we show them the same in return? As a pet owner since birth, I have grown to have an understanding of their needs both physically and psychologically. I have a passion to create better lives for pets and their parents through specialized care and information. A well-informed pet parent makes for happy pets and a happy home. 

With eight years of professional experience in the pet industry, I have developed a knowledge that makes me a highly trusted partner in caring for your pets. In working with various species, breeds, and temperaments, I am able to assess a situation and determine a solution to make a positive impact on the lives of both you and your pets. Starting as a small business with big dreams and expectations, we will continue to create an amazing outlet for you to enjoy your pets, with the sole purpose of enriching the connection between pets and their families.~​ 

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